Lomi Lomi is part of the traditional healing art in Hawaii and translates as "unique strong kneading". The Hawaiian language strongly reinforces the meaning of a word by using it twice. The term "Lomi Lomi" therefore indicates the uniqueness of this form of massage.

In this massage, the entire body is massaged with warm oil using hands, forearms and elbows. Wave-like and extensive forearm techniques, paired with elements from Shiatsu as well as joint mobilisations release tension and stress and leave a feeling of deep relaxation.

Flowing movements in opposite directions allow the mind to calm down, whereby it is not only the technique that counts, but also the therapist's mindfulness and presence (Aloha Spirit). The Lomi Lomi massage can be varied in intensity and speed, according to the needs and wishes of the person being treated. It can be calming and relaxing, or activating and energising.


Our masseuses are all well trained, friendly and speak German, English and Thai.

Massage Parlour

The stylish ambience and the relaxing music make sure that you will feel at home in our massage salon.

Price list

The prices for exceptional service.

Lomi Lomi Massage
40 minutes65€
60 minutes100€
90 minutes140€
120 minutes190€
Other Massage Therapies
Traditional Thai Massage from 55€
Aroma Oil Massage from 45€
Hot Stone Massage from 60€
Thai Warrior Massage from 65€
4-Hand Massage from 110€
Foot massage from 55€
Couple massage from 100€


Treat yourself to a time-out and let the positive effect of the Thai massage convince you.


If you wish, you can also take a shower after the Thai massage.

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