Our world is full of hustle and bustle. Many people are under pressure: occupational stress, physical discomfort, tension in the partnership, and much more. It is not easy to break free from the daily grind.Simply invest more time in yourself. Treat yourself to a stress break. Immerse yourself in the sensual experience of the moment. In a Thai massage you can really mind wander while your body is pampered and activated.

Our offered massage therapies

Massage therapies

The traditional Thai massage or Thai Yoga massage is good for body and soul. Whether you suffer from tension or just want to relax, you will enjoy the Thai massage in our beautiful massage salon.


The traditional Thai massage has many scientifically proven advantages. Among other things, it can stimulate the blood circulation, relax your muscles, improve your mobility and physical posture.Our employees are all very well trained and speak German, English and Thai.Visit us in Berlin-Mitte and let us convince you of the positive effects of the Thai massage.

We massage you with warm and high-quality aromatic oils. Treat yourself to a time-out and enjoy an aromatic oil massage.The healing power of different aromas for physical and mental complaints has been known for thousands of years.You too can benefit from this and visit us for a soothing aromatic oil massage directly at the Garnisonsplatz in Berlin-Mitte.

Massage therapies

Enjoy the healing touches in combination with high-quality aromatic oils during a relaxing full body massage.


Massage therapies

During a Hot Stone Massage, heated stones are placed on the body. The stones are mostly made of basalt and are warmed up in 60 C warm water.


The Hot Stone Massage has been transmitted throughout the Asian, Pacific and American regions since time immemorial.Enjoy the advantages of a pleasant Hot Stone massage in our beautiful massage salon in Berlin-Mitte.

You want to be massaged like a warrior many hundreds of years ago? Visit our Thai Massage Studio in Berlin Mitte, near Hackescher Markt, and experience a Thai Warrior Massage.This form of massage became famous in June 2017 when it won gold for the best Asian massage and the best innovation.

Massage therapies

Thai Warrior Massage is an ancient form of massage that has existed since the 13th century. It was used by injured warriors to heal.


Massage therapies

The 4-hand massage is part of the traditional Thai massage. It is a classic holistic body and pressure point massage.


in the 4-hand massage two experienced masseuses release existing tensions with skilful use of the heel of the hand, thumb and elbow. Muscles and tendons are specifically stimulated with gentle pressure and light stretching exercises.

Enjoy the advantages of a pleasant 4-hand massage in our beautiful massage salon in Berlin-Mitte.

Foot massage is a recognised part of Far Eastern medicine. With the help of fragrant massage oils and gentle movements, the feet not only induce relaxation and well-being, but also stimulate important defence and self-healing powers.

Visit our Thai Massage Studio in Berlin Mitte, near Hackescher Markt, and experience a Foot massage.

Massage therapies

During a foot massage, the foot reflex zones are specifically stimulated. Through the skilful stimulation of the nerve endpoints, important functions of the body's own organism are activated.


Massage therapies

In Lomi Lomi Massage, the entire body is massaged with warm oil using hands, forearms and elbows.


Lomi Lomi is part of the traditional healing art in Hawaii and translates as "unique strong kneading".

Enjoy the advantages of a pleasant Lomi Lomi Massage in our beautiful massage salon in Berlin-Mitte.

A traditional couple's massage is not only reserved for married couples or lovers, but is also a wonderfully relaxing and blissful experience for friends and girlfriends. The two of you lie next to each other and surrender completely to the soothing massage techniques.

Your joints and muscles, as well as your entire circulation and metabolism, are specifically freed from blockages and stimulated. You will immediately feel the positive effect on body and mind. Enjoy this beautiful state of relaxation together.

Massage therapies

Treat yourself and your partner to something very special in the form of a sensual couple's massage. During this traditional full-body massage, you will be pampered together by two masseuses according to all the rules of the art. The masseuses exert pleasant pressure on tense areas with the heels of their hands and thumbs, elbows and knees in rhythmic, interlocking movements.


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